TRACER 5 family of portable XRF spectrometers

Handheld XRF for cutting-edge researchers; The TRACER 5 pXRF spectrometer; ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials.

TRACER 5 is the high value in-situ pXRF performer synchronizing power, function, precision and accuracy for dynamic, field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis.

The TRACER 5 family available in two (2) configurations: TRACER 5i and TRACER 5g. TRACER 5i have 8 um Be Window, Detects Na to U, Analyzes Mg to U. Ideal for art, archeology and advanced materials applications TRACER 5g have 1 um Graphene Window, Detects F to U (with He atmosphere), Analyses Na to U. Ideal for geosciences applications.

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