Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)

S3 MiniLab 300 is the newest Spark Emission Spectrometer designed by GNR to celebrate its 30th year of operation. Nowadays MiniLab instruments are ones of the smallest and lightest compact optical emission spectrometers available on the market with outstanding analytical results in this category. S3 MiniLab 300 Spark Emission Spectrometer combines easiness of use, low maintenance cost, affordable price with the most advanced technological optical and electronic components.The optical emission spectrometer S3 MiniLab 300 is an optic multi-channels spectrometer suitable for the analysis of solid metallic samples and alloys in multi-matrices (Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, Mg, Sn, Pb, Co, Zn).Thanks to its innovative optical design, S3 Minilab 300 is the only spectrometer of its class to mount up to 7+1 high resolution CMOS with 4.096 elements to ensure the best spectral resolution (< 10pm). S3 Minilab 300 with its extended analytical range from 130 up to 700 nm can cover almost all the analytical requirements of a modern foundry include Nitrogen.