Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)

ATLANTIS is an optic multi - detector, simultaneous, PC controlled spark emission spectrometer suitable for trace analysis of solid metallic samples. Atlantis can be equipped with full PMT and CMOS detectors. S9 Atlantis CMOS uses today’s most advanced linear CMOS detectors. These solid-state complementary metal oxide semiconductor devices are manufactured via proven integrated circuit detector technology. With CMOS, readout electronics perform analog-to-digital conversion and noise reduction on the chip itself. Results in exceptional dynamic range and higher data throughput.

S9 ATLANTIS also can be equipped with hybrid system combining between PMT and CMOS. With optical system of Paschen Runge mounting and Spectral: 120 to 900 nm that can be used to measure low Nitrogen and Oxygen. With Focal length 750 mm and vacuum system, the vacuum grade is provided by mean of a two-stage vacuum pump in series with high efficiency low noise.

Turbo molecular pump (option ) controlled by vacuum control device can be supplied for better detection in UV elements.