XRD (X-ray Diffraction)

AreX D is a state of the art X-Ray diffractometer equipped with the most modern technical features which grant accuracy, precision, safety and easiness of use, especially designed for the determination of Retained Austenite. AreX D has been conceived to be compliant with ASTM E 975-03 “Standard Practice for X-Ray Determination of Retained Austenite in Steel with Near Random Crystallographic Orientation”. ASTM E 975-03 norm requires to determine the concentration of retained austenite using XRD: four diffraction peaks are collected by the X-Ray diffractometer, two for the ferrite/martensite phase and two for the austenite phase. A comparison of the intensities of the 4 peaks yields the volume percent of retained austenite in the sample. The integrated intensities ratios of the austenite (200), (220) and (311), and the ferrite (200) and (211) diffraction peaks are calculated to verify the compliance with the requirement of 'Near Random Crystallographic Orientation'.


AreX D power is 50 Watt a low power X-Ray Tube making it doesn’t need cooling system.