XRD (X-ray Diffraction)

GNR Analytical Instrument offers equipment based on X-Ray Diffraction for measuring residual stress state and retained austenite content. Residual stress could be induced by machining, grinding, rolling, deep drawing, welding, thermal hardening and shot peening; its quantification allows to prevent fatigue damage and to control material’s durability and safety. X-Ray Diffraction is the conventional and time proven technique for measuring residual stress. Using the interatomic spacing as the ultimate gage length, the X-Ray technique is ideal for and applicable to crystalline materials, especially for metals, but also for ceramics. It measures the absolute stress without the need of an unstressed calibration sample. GNR StressX provides a flexible solution to residual stress determination on samples of any dimensions by the synergy between compact X-Ray diffractometer and 6-axis anthropomorphic robot.