DIO 1000 (Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector)

The DEFECTOBOOK® DIO1000 is capable to work with conventional contact ultrasonic transducers, EMAT generators for non-contact ultrasonic and low frequency transducers for through-transmission testing.

We create it very slim, light and ergonomic to be suitable for your any inspection business. We used up-to-date screen with high resolution and high luminance to achieve the excellent visibility on the direct sunlight. The fast and direct access menu makes you to operate the instrument very easily. No more long training and complicated manuals.

The large capacity memory enables you to save as many A-scans as you wish and kilometers of B-scan.

DIO 1000 SFE (Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector)

DEFECTOBOOK® DIO1000 is the newest instrument fully and developed. New generation of electronic components, fast microprocessors and our long-term experience in manufacturing of ultrasonic instruments enabled us to develop really advanced revolutionary ultrasonic flaw detector DEFECTOBOOK® DIO1000 with the best parameters and functions.

DIO 1000 PA (Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector) 

The new advanced DEFECTOBOOK® DIO 1000 PA digital ultrasonic flaw detector is now augmented with phased array imaging capabilities.

It is combining all features of conventional ultrasonic with power of phased array. Using the latest generation of electronic components and microprocessors we have brought the thinnest, lightest and really portable phased array instrument, which makes your inspection easy and fast. The standard configuration is 16 parallel (in preparation 32 parallel), and with extendable module 16:64 and 16:128.

The instrument also combines the powerful advantages of digital design with the detailed dynamic echo information, using sampling rate 200 MHz, 12-bit.

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