The SITEX directional generators are equipped with an internal ‘carousel’. This contains a lead cap and 4 diaphragms that are calibrated for the films that are used the most. Ensuring protection from accidental on-site losses and weighing in total a mere 1.0 kg, this very practical device replaces approximately 20 kg of fragile and space-consuming accessories. The carousel fitted on the SITEXS provides the same features and is equipped with a laser pointer. To ensure ease of handling, direct access has been arranged on the moving part. In SITEX model provide as the following X-ray power 180, 200, 225, 250, 300, 320, 360 kV.

These ‘XS’ X-ray generators are in fact reduced versions of the corresponding SITEX units available in 200, 225 and 250kV versions and provide considerably more compactness.

sitex directional 02